Our Team


Johnie Hamit

began his career in the plumbing industry in the early nineties—first as a wholesaler then as a manufacturer representative.  In 1997 after leaving Winnelson, Johnie began his career as a rep with an agency called BDH.  His first duties were inside sales, order entry, and quotations.  After quickly gaining experience, he moved to outside sales, focusing on distributors, architects, and engineers.  In 2008, Johnie joined Braswell and Associates as part of their Oklahoma sales team with the same responsibilities in outside sales.  2014 presented a new opportunity for Johnie as he and another salesman were offered to purchase the Oklahoma division of Braswell & Associates.  In August of 2014, the purchase was complete, and they created H&K Specification and Sales.  In March of 2015, H&K and Cornerstone Sales Agency merged to create HMK, Inc.  Johnie is co-owner of HMK and continues to call on plumbing distributors, architects, plumbing engineers, and Section 10 distributors.

Micah Moseley

entered into the plumbing industry in October of 1999 when he joined Alliance Manufacturer Representatives out of Houston, TX, and covered Oklahoma and Arkansas.  In 2001, he joined Ted Perry Sales and managed the eastern half of Oklahoma.  In 2003 Micah and Ted became partners and created Cornerstone Sales Agency, and Micah was the sole owner of Cornerstone Sales Agency, Inc. from May of 2010 until the merger in March of 2015.  He is co-owner of HMK and continues to call on distributors, contractors, engineers, and facilities.

Ashlynn Janeway

left the retail industry and joined Cornerstone Sales in March of 2014.  She began as an inside sales assistant, quickly expanding her role to managing all inside sales duties.  In November of 2017, she filled the newly created decorative outside sales position.  Her focus is on showrooms, builders, and designers.

Steven Whitworth

joined HMK as an outside salesman in Feb of 2018.  New to the plumbing industry, Steven comes from a career in the electrical and oil fields.  Known for his hard work ethic and technical skills, he brings an added benefit to HMK through troubleshooting and field repair.  Steven also works with distributors and contractors in the Oklahoma City market.

Julie Breeckner

brought her wealth of experience in sales and customer service to HMK in September of 2016.  Julie excels in her inside sales role by providing information to our customers accurately and quickly.  She also assists in tracking projects and inventory management.

Ted Perry

started his plumbing career with Norman Supply in 1970, and stayed in the plumbing distribution arena until 1985 when he joined CK Dorman.  Ted’s next career move occurred in 1989 when he joined an agency called Prospec.  In 1994 he decided to leave Prospec to develop his own agency.  Ted had a partner who lived in Tulsa for a few years, but eventually went out on his own and hired Micah Moseley in 2001.  In 2003 Micah and Ted became partners and created Cornerstone Sales Agency.  They continued to grow their company together until in May of 2010 Ted decided to move to Tulsa, giving up his position as co-owner and becoming an employee.  Since that time, Ted has played an invaluable role as our quotation specialist.

Kendall Moseley

moved into the the plumbing industry in the early 1970s.  He began at Lufkin Industries and within a 19 year period worked his way up from pricing clerk to sales manager of the Industrial Supply division.  In 1991 he left Lufkin Industries and opened his own plumbing wholesale supply business called Moseley Enterprises.  After thirteen years, he decided to sell his company and move with his wife to the Tulsa area to be closer to family.  Over the last several years, Kendall has worked for Cornerstone Sales Agency and HMK, calling on plumbing wholesalers.